Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Moto GP Knockout - RHN Tech

Bike Racing Android Game with 3D graphics. Game play is Smooth and with good controls. Physics is apple quit well. There are few bugs about colladers, just by little touch may become responsible for game over. Over all good and smooth game.

You want to have a Moto GP challenge? Then download this game and fulfill your dream. In this game you can enjoy single as well as knockout championship.
In single race you can choose one of the best three tracks for racing. In every track there are three levels. In first level you have to complete 2 laps. In second level you have to complete 4 laps and in third level you have to complete 6 laps. Every level is more difficult than the previous one.
In Knockout championship, you have to compete with three other bikers. In the end of first level last one will be eliminated and remaining will start next level on next track. In the end of second level last one will be eliminated and final round will be started between top two players. The winner of last level will be the champion.

Game Feature:
- Natural Environment
- Racing Moto Bike
- Smooth Control like bike handling
- Challenging laps
- Single Race
- Knockout Championship
- 3D Graphics

Now you can download it from Google Play.

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