Thursday, 30 October 2014

Face Changer Screen - RHN Tech

To be stylish and good looking is the demand of this era. With some new trend of hairstyle with respect to the change of day, to change your style is the hot fashion. We are here when Facebook is popular all over the world, so everyone loves to be look like star and with hot most fashion. Exactly, we promote you to be a star with our new app Face Changer style. Now in everyday of your life change your face look with latest and fashioned stuff of hairstyle, beards, mustache, goggles and caps.

Our new app Face Changer style will help you to boost you personality. Previous day, I want to change my look with some exciting fashion. Face Changer style helped me to change my personality look. I took my own picture from phone gallery and tried with new and latest beards and hairstyle and finally I picked one of the best matches. More ever, Face Changer style contains with different style of hat and caps which can entirely change you into a gentle look. Adding feature of goggles and sun glasses make Face Changer style app to be lovely and crazy app for me.

You can download this from Google Store.

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Deep Forest Run 3D - RHN Tech

It’s an endless running adventure game where you assume the role of a 12th century medieval England farmer who is on the run from the soldiers of the duke who are right on his tail. You refused to pay the duke the quarterly tax on your harvest or produce and the duke has sent his men to apprehend you and bring you in to his court where you undoubtedly will be punished with your life. You have escaped in to the deep forest to evade arrest. The ill-famed dark, somber and gloomy forest is riddled with countless obstacles which may slow your pace down. You are now fighting on two fronts, that trying to get the soldiers off your trail and overcome the nature which has manifested its might in form of countless hurdles and obstacles lying before you in the jungle. Avoid collision with the hurdles by jumping over them and sliding beneath them with precise and meticulous timing. If you fail it might cost you your life and the game.

Game Features:
- Incredibly fun, just one more time, endless game play!
- Simple swipe up and down controls that are easy to use and just feel right
- Simple to play
- Beautiful themes and exciting curvy path.
- Ability to bring your self back to life once you have collected 100 or more
- Fast-paced, innovative and challenging game-play.
- Addictive Play
- Vivid background music is in harmony with the game!

You can download this from Google Play.

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Moto GP Knockout - RHN Tech

Bike Racing Android Game with 3D graphics. Game play is Smooth and with good controls. Physics is apple quit well. There are few bugs about colladers, just by little touch may become responsible for game over. Over all good and smooth game.

You want to have a Moto GP challenge? Then download this game and fulfill your dream. In this game you can enjoy single as well as knockout championship.
In single race you can choose one of the best three tracks for racing. In every track there are three levels. In first level you have to complete 2 laps. In second level you have to complete 4 laps and in third level you have to complete 6 laps. Every level is more difficult than the previous one.
In Knockout championship, you have to compete with three other bikers. In the end of first level last one will be eliminated and remaining will start next level on next track. In the end of second level last one will be eliminated and final round will be started between top two players. The winner of last level will be the champion.

Game Feature:
- Natural Environment
- Racing Moto Bike
- Smooth Control like bike handling
- Challenging laps
- Single Race
- Knockout Championship
- 3D Graphics

Now you can download it from Google Play.

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Ambulance Emergency Drive - Android Game

Ambulance Emergency Drive is a 3D Ambulance Simulation game. You have to move your ambulance at different accident places to rescue injured people and move them to hospital. After picking injured person you have to reach hospital in the given time frame. You will score 100 points for each life, you save. During drive you have to be careful for hitting obstacles and other vehicles otherwise your mission of saving lives will be failed.
Keeping in view the sensitivity of job, you have to be very careful and cautious.

1. Ambulance vehicle with ambulance siren and emergency light
2. City 3D environment
3. Smooth Control like steering, acceleration ,brake and gear.
4. Incident Places where accident happened.
5. Mini Map Guide for player, accident and hospital position
6. Different Camera Views of Ambulance like (Back,Top and Steering)
7. Score Points on each live save (100 score)
8. For Realistic Simulation Intelligence Artificial vehicles are also moving on the track
9. Nice Sounds and HD graphics.
10. User friendly interface and free to download.

You can Download if from Google Play.

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Real Parking Driver - Android Game By RHN Tech

If you are fond of Parking games then you are at right place to click at "Real Parking Driver" to embrace the experience of car parking with real- time environment. The parking situation in Car Parking Game will require you to show top skills in steering, acceleration and obstacle avoidance to get those vehicles parked in parking places.

- 1 parking lot with 24 levels
- Control your car with 3 spoke steering wheel, acceleration and brake pedal.
- The most realistic car physics.
- Realistic car engine sounds.
- Sound On/Off.
- To Unlock next level, Win Previous level at- least one chance.
- Good User Interface
- Multiple cameras views

You can download it from Google Store

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Smart Boy Adventure - Android Game By RHN Tech

As a smart boy you have to run through the city collecting coins and avoiding obstructions and city traffic. On your way collect candy for boosters that will help you reach your destination in time.
Its an highly addictive game where you have to be alert all the time. Game is designed for all ages to have maximum fun and mind relaxation.

- Cartoon graphics
- Interesting music and sound effects
- Easy control for kids
- Smooth animation
- Design for all type of android devices

You can download from Google Store.

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Night Run - Android Game By RHN Tech

A cartoon boy turned Dracula has gone wild and is running in the city roads. He needs to rush to get some help to turn him back to normal. Help the kid to avoid the city obstructions to reach its destination quickly.

The city at night is very dangerous and the graves are all around the city. With cars stuck on the roads and road blockers placed all over the streets, the journey of the Dracula boy becomes more and more difficult.

Game is based on Subway surfer Idea. Game graphics are vector based. Controls are smooth and well responsive.

You can download App from Google Play Store.

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