Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Miss You Tap - Android Game By RHN Tech

Android app basic idea to poke some one you miss, by just a single tap.

“Miss You Tap (MYT)”is an app to tap loved ones with a gentle pat on the screen of cell to reflect one’s heart feelings on receiver’s screens. MYT is a very unique app to digitally transmit ones feelings to another to get record sender’s sentiments on receiver’s cell in schematic graph based on the frequency and the mood of remembrance.

MYT is truly user friendly public app to get connects to convey one’s sentiments to its beloved by simply and genteelly petting screen with thumb to get pop up its sentiments on receiver’s screen, which may reveal time, mood and frequency of remembrance through a dotted schematic and user friendly pie-chart representation.

You can download from Google Store.

 Google Store

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