Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Ambulance Emergency Drive - Android Game

Ambulance Emergency Drive is a 3D Ambulance Simulation game. You have to move your ambulance at different accident places to rescue injured people and move them to hospital. After picking injured person you have to reach hospital in the given time frame. You will score 100 points for each life, you save. During drive you have to be careful for hitting obstacles and other vehicles otherwise your mission of saving lives will be failed.
Keeping in view the sensitivity of job, you have to be very careful and cautious.

1. Ambulance vehicle with ambulance siren and emergency light
2. City 3D environment
3. Smooth Control like steering, acceleration ,brake and gear.
4. Incident Places where accident happened.
5. Mini Map Guide for player, accident and hospital position
6. Different Camera Views of Ambulance like (Back,Top and Steering)
7. Score Points on each live save (100 score)
8. For Realistic Simulation Intelligence Artificial vehicles are also moving on the track
9. Nice Sounds and HD graphics.
10. User friendly interface and free to download.

You can Download if from Google Play.

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